Nationalism and Homophobia in Serbia – Antifacist Strategies and Visions

Freitag, 1. April 2011, 20.00 Uhr, Infoladen Bremen, St.-Pauli-Str. 10/11, 28203 Bremen

The pictures of the street violence as a reaction to Belgrade gay-pride in October 2010 were even broadcasted in central Europe. The event had turned into mass riots between police and 5000 nationalists and organized fascists.
Different to Germany orthodox-clerical-fascism plays an important role in nationalist mobilizations. After 1989 there were (relatively successful) attempts of the church to replace the communist party as a new dominant social factor.
In what forms does the „turn into the extreme right“ which moves across central and Eastern Europe influences the Balkan region? How did the general social situation of the people change as an effect of the privatization processes and crisis? And how do antifascist movements react and what are their positions to the nationalist tendencies of society and the neo-fascist groups?
About this and more you can find out from an activist from Novi Sad (Serbia).
The evening is meant to be a chance for exchange about international perspectives in preparation of the anti-neonazi mobilization on 1st of May in Bremen.

Language of discussion is English, but help of translators will be provided.

Lesetip: Petar Atanackovic: Stolz & Vaterland: Zur politischen Situation in Serbien, in: Antifaschistisches Infoblatt, Schwerpunkt Osteuropa, Nr. 88, 2010

Reihe Antifaschistische Perspektiven des Erinnerns der Rosa-Luxemburg-Initiative Bremen

Veranstalter: Rosa-Luxemburg-Initiative Bremen in Kooperation mit Avanti Bremen